What else do you need to know?

For convenience many prefer the comfort of their own home, travel time - zero! The kids are often more at ease on home turf, costume changes become a cinch and if you've got any sort of backyard it's usually the easiest option. Alternatively, there are many beautiful parks and gardens that make for a fantastic setting and backdrop. For those with more specialised shooting requirements a studio setting may be more suitable. For an additional fee the controlled lighting conditions of a hired studio may be right for you.

Choosing a location

If you're looking for a photographer to take care of your annual photographs or a fundraiser maybe your search is over. I offer a simple end-to-end service which aims to minimise impact to the kids and carers during their regular schedule, provide a fun and relaxed experience for the kids, a straight-forward and secure online ordering system for parents and a handy injection of funds for your kindergarten and/or childcare centre.

Kinders & Childcare Centres

In the days following your shoot I go through the images and upload the best of them into a private online gallery. You'll receive an email with a link to that gallery and some information about how you can make an order. Given you'll need to make some selection decisions, the timeline is in your hands to a certain degree, but once you've made some choices your images are usually ready in less than 10 business days. It depends on whether what you’ve chosen includes prints, framing, digital files or a combination of them all, regardless the turn-around is usually pretty quick.

After your shoot

Most busy families hardly have time to scratch themselves let alone spend an hour or more with a photographer chatting about their shoot. So unless you'd really like to meet me in person to have a chat, I just ask you to provide as much detail as you can about what you have in mind be that on the phone or via email. If you don’t have any idea I’ll be able to help you with some suggestions based on your family and what you tell me.
Before your shoot

If you're lucky enough to be using a Gift Certificate for part (or all) of your payment it's very straight forward. Once you've made your decisions and finalised your order, the value of the Gift Certificate is simply subtracted from the total cost. This will be clearly noted on your invoice.

Purchasing a Gift Certificate is a great way to resolve the dilemma for those hard-to-buy-for family member or friend. Just contact me, nominate the value you'd like and I'll mail the Gift Certificate to you or the recipient.

Gift Certificates

I’ll confirm what you’ve got in mind to make sure we’re all clear about what it is you're after. If you’ve chosen to go for a sitting under lights (either in your home or a studio) it usually takes about 20 minutes or so to setup the equipment. Then it’s into the shoot, capturing any specific shots you may have requested plus plenty of candid ones that happen along the way. An average shoot takes 60-90 minutes, but I don’t run to a strict schedule. It might go longer if the kids are up for it or shorter for a tiny baby.

On the day

Nervous about the cost? Don't be. Aside from the fixed price portrait sitting fee, what you spend is totally in your hands to adapt to your budget as you see fit. There are no hidden costs and no hard sell.

Unless you've requested a fixed price package upfront, the total cost for most orders is only known once you've made your selections and decided what you want. You'll receive an invoice via email detailing your order, its cost and the different methods of payment available. Once you've paid in full I'll arrange delivery of your order and email your receipt.


It’s such a personal and subjective issue, so I prefer to
leave it to the personal taste of you and your kids. BUT when it’s my children, I tend to go for plain, bold colours and try to avoid busy or heavily patterned outfits. That said, there may be a particular dress or outfit that has special significance, so by all means don’t let a busy pattern deter you. Hey, bring two or more outfits, even easier if we're shooting at your home. Sometimes dressing your kids in their everyday gear is the most natural way to remember them. Other times, it might be their "Sunday Best" that is more appropriate for a special memory. It really is very much a personal choice.

What to wear?

Making a booking
Just get in touch. Give me a call on 0423 144 528 or flip me an email at grant@wunderkindphoto.com.au. Have a couple of dates in mind and I’ll try to accommodate your preferences wherever possible. There's nearly always a better chance of getting your preference if you can do a weekday (Mon-Fri).