What about me?

Creating honest and natural pictures in a fun and relaxed way is what I strive for. 

Observation, patience, calm, timing, conversation and laughter, the things you can't really study. These less tangible qualities are equally important as knowing the technical stuff (lighting, composition, equipment etc), but a balance of both is best.

Personality, not just pictures, that's my thing.

Photography came in to my world in a serious way in 2007, I started studying again. Five long, part-time years later I had a Diploma in Photo Imaging from NMIT (Melbourne Polytechnic).

During that time I was a student member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography, Australia's peak body for photographers) and became an "emerging" member at the completion of my study. A year in the AIPP's mentoring program learning about the business side of photography and from that program became an Accredited Professional Photographer and "full" member of the AIPP.

In my previous life I worked in IT, mostly software design and programming (geek?), having completed a Bachelor of Science at La Trobe University. It might not help much when composing a shot, but knowing your way around a PC really helps with the other side of modern photography. I also have a Working With Children Check.

I am Grant
I'm Grant Hargreaves. Yes, that's me in those pictures (my good wife's handywork, not mine), though to be fair it was a couple of years ago now. I look more distinguished these days, I think glasses help. There's generally more facial hair (lazier) and less cranial hair (older). 

My family is based in Melbourne's inner city suburb Northcote and is fortunate enough to include three young daughters. They have proved most useful as models and also for testing dad jokes and other such material, sadly most material written here is untested.